Issue in SharePoint Folder name with apostrophe ( ` ) and Launch Dialog property of List / Library

In SharePoint list / library items are created for storing the data. Generally user wants a granular structure for maintaining data and for this they creates folder and place their items. Now, if “Launch Dialog” box property is set to “Yes” for this list / library, then details are shown in dialog box. Now if folder name contains apostrophe ( ‘ ) then JavaScript fails in SharePoint and dialog box will not open for all items which are placed inside that folder.

In SharePoint, certain characters are not accepted while creating folder names : ~ ” # % & * : < > ? / \ { | }.
But apostrophe ( ‘ ) is accepted by SharePoint in folder name, and above mentioned issue will applicable only when launch dialog property of list / library is enabled.

If dialog box of items are not opening properly, then look for all parent folders of that item and check whether those folder contains apostrophe ( ‘ ) or not. If yes, then rename that folder name by removing apostrophe.