SharePoint : Get User’s login name from claims encoded value

There are sometimes scenarios where we have to get user’s login name and we have only claims encoded value (like this i:0#.w|domain\username or i:0#.f|membershipprovider| In SharePoint 2013 / 2010, there is SPClaimProviderManager class available which can decode the claims and provide user’s login name.

I have created a method, which accepts claims encoded value as parameter and returns user’s login name (only if claims are resolved properly).

private string GetUsernameFromClaim(string claimsEncodedUsername)
 SPClaimProviderManager mgr = SPClaimProviderManager.Local;
 if (mgr != null)
 if (SPClaimProviderManager.IsEncodedClaim(claimsEncodedUsername))
 // return the normal domain\username without any claims identification data
 return mgr.DecodeClaim(claimsEncodedUsername).Value;
 catch (Exception ex)
 return claimsEncodedUsername; // Or just return the original username.

 // Return the original username value if it couldn't be resolved as a claims username
 return claimsEncodedUsername;

Note : Add namespace “Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.Claims” to use above class.


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