Quota template for the site collection in SharePoint

The Quota template means to Lock or Unlock the SiteColletion for the user. It can be temporary or permanently used to prevent the access of the SharePoint site to the end users.

How to configure lock

These are the following steps to enable lock in sitecollection of SharePoint.

  • Go to Central Admin then click on Application Management
  • In the Site Collection section, click on Configure quotas and locks
  • Then Look for your site collection should be selected. (if not, then change to your site collection.)
  • In Site Lock Information section, select one of the following options
    • Unlock
    • NoAdditions
    • ReadOnly
    • NoAccess

Types of Locks in SharePoint

  • UnLock:  to unlock the site collection and make it available to users
  • NoAdditions: to prevent users from adding new content to the site collection. Updates and deletions are still allowed
  • ReadOnly: to prevent users from adding, updating, or deleting content
  • NoAccess: to prevent users from accessing the site collection and its content. Users who attempt to access the site receive an error.


To lock or unlock a site collection by using Windows PowerShell

The command to set lock using powershell is as follows

Set-SPSite -Identity “<SiteCollection>” -LockState “<State>”


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