SharePoint Naming Conventions – Best Practices

SharePoint is a web-based portal used by the organizations to store, organize, share and access information.
Like any other application and technology, naming conventions is important in SharePoint for developers and end-user perspective. Here we will discuss the naming conventions in SharePoint which can be used by the end-user and developers.
List  and Library
When a list or library is created with spaces in their name then spaces is converted to “%20” and shown in the URL (For instance – if the list name is “Test List” then in URL it is shown like “Test%20List”). Here one space character is replaced by three characters and thus increasing the length of URL. Since the SharePoint search breaks when the URL length exceeds 255 characters, so it is always recommended to not use spaces (or any other special character in list name).

Test list
But for end users it is difficult to understand list name without spaces, so create a list name without spaces first and then change the title of list from “List Settings” and save it.
1. CustomerContacts
2. TestList
List Columns, Site Columns and Content Type
End-user and developers can create list column, site column and content type either by UI, SharePoint designer or Visual Studio. It is important to understand when any object mentioned above created for the first time then its Internal name and display name will be same. So it is recommended for end users to set clean, meaningful name without spaces first and then edit again the created object and changes its name with spaces this will change only the display name without changing the internal name.
1. CustomColumn(Internal name=CustomColumn & Display name = CustomColumn). When you use this site column then change the display name to Custom Column.
Folder and File name
Creating folder and file name follows the same pattern as list/library name. User must avoid redundancy and repeating of words while creating folder and file structure. Suppose, if user created the folder with name “Products” then the file inside this folder must not contain “product” word because it is already known that file belongs to “Products” category.
Also, use CamelCase to delimit words in folder and file name instead of spaces or underscores.
Visual Studio Solutions
Its always important that the solutions created in visual studio should have proper naming convention so that it can be easily handled and easy to find the solution. The basic format should be like
  • Name must be simple, short and meaningful.
  • Do not abbreviate the word because it will be difficult to understand.
  • Avoid spaces (and other special characters) to reduce URL length.

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